Our Carpet Cleaning Method

Our Carpet Cleaning Method

1.Hot water extraction is the process of injecting hot water and cleaning solution in to the pile of the carpet to dislodge any debris, whilst extracting any dirt and stains from the carpet using powerful wet vacuums. Most reputable carpet cleaning companies will use the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning, simply because it’s much easier and provides optimal cleaning results over the other cleaning methods that are available. 

It’s The Most Effective Cleaning Method

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is by far the most effective method of carpet cleaning today. The speed an ability to remove stains quickly and efficiently is second-to-none and 99% of the time all stains can be removed from carpets including make up, tea, wine, coffee, blood, carbonated drinks, food and oil. In the unlikely event that a hot water extraction machine can’t remove a particular stain, a professional carpet cleaning company will always come equipped with a secondary option and have a vast collection of stain removal solutions that can tackle any stubborn stains that can’t be shifted.

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